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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

an interesting juxtaposition of autism and MMR charts

his is an interesting chart of media hype the California graph and a more rigorous scientific study the Yokohama study that describes one of the relationships between MMR and autism.
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One of the most asked about questions I get regarding immunizations is Many the link between measles mumps rubella vaccination on autism. Basically as respectfully as I can say this, this putative causal link is old news. And the news is this is essentially or refuted. We don't know what causes autism but we know that measles mumps rubella (MMR) vaccination does not.
-the original study from 1998 published by a gastroenterologist from England Andrew Wakefield which suggested that MMR may cause autism was in fact based on 12 children and was retracted by most of its co-authors.

The Japanese studied in Yokohama what happened to autism rates after the MMR vaccine had been removed. The Japanese removed it in April 1993 because of concerns regarding meningitis not autism. While the study cannot logically completely rule out that causes autism in some small subset of children, there is no biological plausibility for it and thus far despite significant attention being paid to it as well as research money, no evidence for it as well.

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