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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

re Class III at Willowcreek NorthShore.Wrapping UP Magnetic Families,Obstacles to Joy;grumpy kids,parental being over technique,can't give what

Wrapping up Magnetic Families, Whole Family JOY
Obstacles to Joy; 
Focus on Circumstances. How to avoid the Buzz kill flu.
Grumpy kids, Marriage as the second child.
Vicious cycles, virtuous cycles
Parental being over technique,
Let's talk about technique; WIN WIN;
Judo moves,
Pick your battles carefully, but when you have them, ALWAYS WIN.
It's ok to negotiate. 
What you sound like to your children when you are grumpy. 

Can't give what you don't have.Get it and don't settle.
An interview about the importance of touch. 
Eat from the banquet of JOY PRAXIS 
Making an action plan: Rest more, do less. 
Eat what you enjoy, Exercise more. 
Watch less TV, Make LOVE MORE; Gotcha. 
Focus on the now, not the woulda shoulda coulda.
Dream on, 
I say it again Rejoice, and Delight yourself in the Lord and He will Give you the Desires of your heart. 
Embracing a Savior, our Emmanuel. 

John C Kim MD and Thea N Kim, mother of 4 delicious children. 
Remember to invite your friends. 

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