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Monday, June 15, 2009

summary of relenza data from package FDA

Relenza notes 10 mg PO PID for five days treatment.

Can get first dose and second should get first two doses within the first day at least two hours apart.

Side effects fairly minimal, about   3 to 6% about the same as placebo G.I. 
FDA approved over seven years of age for treatment over five for prophylaxis  the reason for this seems to be the difficulty in getting adequate medication deposition in the lungs and children under seven years of age they can't suck in hard enough.

Bronchospasm 1/13 with mild or moderate asthma 
in a phase 3 study with acute influenza like illness superimposed on underlying asthma or COPD 10% experienced greater than 20% declining a 51 following treatment for five days. Interestingly 9% on placebo also experienced this 

The nearest psychiatric events occurred both with and without encephalitis. They had abrupt onset and rapid resolution.

Relenza not known whether it is excreted in milk. ie what to do with lactating women.
half-life is very fast essentially undetectable after 1 1/2 hours

Interestingly no consistent treatment effect was demonstrated in patients with underlying medical problems. No consistent differences in rate of development of complications. 
In terms of prophylaxis, the attack rate  seem to go from 20% to 4% for group receiving Relenza; so strong role for prophylaxis, weaker role for treatment


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